The unautorized story of Nike and the men who played t…

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Hardcover gebonden met stofomslag, uitgave 1991, 682 blz. Met zwart/wit foto's. Boek heeft lichte gebruikssporen; verder in goede staat. Verzendkosten (5,75 euro = boek past niet door de brievenbus) zijn voor de koper. [D10]

Here, for the first time, is the inside methods, and the hell-bent path that led them to becom the most succesful sports company in history.An unremarkable Stanford MBA, a paralyzed former long jumper, a one-time welfare worker, a Bunyanesque lawyer, a large and wise accountant: These five men - smart but inexerienced - formed a tight-knit brotherhood, merging their personal and professional lives and making up the rules along the way.In 1962 Philip "Buck" Knight set in motion an ingenious idea: he began importing cheap Japanese knockoffs of expensive German athletic shoes. As a time when "Made in Japan" still meant paper parasols in rum drinks, Knight and his men pioneered brand-name shoe production in Japan, Taiw an, Ko rea and even mainland China.From selling sneakers out of car trunks to signing Michael "Air" Jordan, Swoosh follows Knight and his team on the roller coaster ride that was Nike. Banks threw them out, factories turned down their orders, and stock analysts laughed in their faces. Their reputation for shooting from the hip, bending - and sometimes all-out breaking - the rules of business and sports, led the press to dub Nike "the 'Saturday Night Live' of the Fortune 500." Swoosh takes Nike from the lonely Oregon trails of the distance runner to the glitzy public stages that are the Final Four, Wimbledon and the Super Bowl. It explores the reasons why, in 1986, Nike stumbled to a competitor called Reebok and how Nike fought the footwear version of the cola wars to regain its number one spot in the athleti shoe industry.Swoosh is a breakthrough business book that reads like a novel. It is a laugh-out-loud account of real life in a corporation from top to bottom, from salesmen in the field to all-pro dealmakers in executive suites. But Swoosh goes far beyond examining the traditional "business emotions" of greed and ambition. It explores for the first time, a giant and volatile industry and the feelings, dreams, and relationships that motivate key players on all sides.

Voor het verzendtarief van dit boek (5,75 euro) heeft u de mogelijkheid meerdere boeken uit te zoeken (max. 20 kg met een pakketafmeting van 80x50x35 cm). Kijk daarom ook eens naar mijn andere advertenties. De keuze is reuze!

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