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  • Aantal keer bekeken 13x bekeken
  • Datum geplaatst 2 maanden geleden geplaatst


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Van Eijk En Van Der Lubbe

Their Cow Chair consists of a complete, uncut hide of a cow; that is all that is needed to create a sturdy piece of furniture. A tea service is stained with golden tea splashes straight from the manufacturer.

Iconic works like these have been catching the attention of museums, companies and the design press for the last ten years or so. Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe's areas of interest sometimes seem perfectly at home in the agenda that has made Dutch Design so well known. But they are just as likely to tunnel their way out of that particular pigeonhole. With their fascination for the technical execution of experimental products, their liking for a measured touch of banality and the flexibility of their working methods, they prove adept not only in craft or industrial products but also in exhibition layouts and interiors. Subjects is a monograph that illustrates and discusses the huge scope of their work and places it in a wider context. The development of their studio and the relation of its output to current design issues also receive critical examination.


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