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Register to be a sales rep for a continuous 30% commission!

From 5th May you can find all information and the application form on

The Gastro World Map mobile application is offering you a home-based sales representative job opportunity.

Our company operates an international gastronomic mobile application called Gastro World Map. We aim to make our offer as widely knows as possible.

Why is it good to work for us as a sales representative?

- You don't need to make any phone calls or meet customers. Your only task is to collect email addresses and enter them to the system and send out an automated invitation email.
- Flexible working hours and locations
- Outstanding commission
- Weekly payment
- Long term repeated income
- No special qualification needed
- No foreign language skill needed

The essence of employment:

- The sales representatives can work from their own homes even with a single smartphone.

- Each sales reps have their ID. This allows the system to easily and quickly identify the outcomes of a colleagues activity.

- The essence of the job is that our colleagues can search for advertising partners based anywhere in the world.

- Using the Gastro World Map and its automated, pre-arranged, multilingual announcements, the colleague can easily, quickly and identifiably send the Gastro World Map offer to the potential partners they have looked up. The email sent out includes the name and ID number of the sales rep. The job is to find the contact details of the potential partners and upload them into the Gastro World Map database. Then through the automated system, the email announcement is sent out in the appropriate language - without the need for the salesperson’s language skills.

- The potential partner is informed about the possibilities offered by Gastro World Map and that they can receive a 20% discount if they use the sales reps’ discount code by the automatically sent email. Thus making them interested in registering through the sales rep.

Employment Process:

- Everyone can apply for the sales representative position from their own home, they do not need to leave their place of residence!

- All is needed for the application and the work is a smartphone with internet access and personal documents.

- The entire application is electronic.

- The work does not require any special qualification, basic education is sufficient.

- Working hours are completely flexible and payment is purely commission-based. Commissions are paid out weekly against an invoice. In case the sales representative does not have their own company or unable to provide an invoice as a self-employed person we accept the invoice of a third party if the sales rep can prove that they have a contract with that company or person. In these cases, we enter into a contract with the company that employs the sales rep.

- Each sales rep can log in with their code and use all the help provided by the system.

- Each sales rep can continuously monitor their success by checking the number of ads and payments of those who registered through them. They can also track the amount of their current commission.

- During the employment period, the Gastro World Map application continuously supports the work of its salespeople by providing professional advice on how to do this job most efficiently. Customer service is also available both for sales reps and advertising customers to be reached in writing.

Sales representatives’ commission:

Each customer who register in the System with your sales rep code will be your customer.

For ads posted by your customers, you (or your Company) will receive 30% of the actual net advertising fee. This also applies to ad renewals and multiple ads, thus generating a long term revenue.

We hope you find it an interesting opportunity and we will be able to welcome you among our colleagues soon.

You can apply as a sales representative on the link below (from 5th May):

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