Robert Brace....Black tiger. (nieuw)

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He knows his weapons. He knows his women.
And most importantly, he knows when to duck...
It was pure luck that Lysander Dalton got up to use the bathroom seconds before someone shot his bed full of bullets. An ex-special ops Marine, Dalton knows he's dealing with a pro when he sees the high-tech assault gear. But to find out who wants him dead, he's going to need help.
Valentina Mariposa tells Dalton she's a lawyer, but with her mile-high stilettos and leather miniskirts, you wouldn't know it--and wherever she goes, she leaves innocent and guilty alike a little off-balance.
But Valentina's much more than a lawyer. She doubles as Dalton's bodyguard and hired gun--and those aren't the only tricks she's got up her sleeve. Dalton's search will take him from a small Virginia town to New York City's gritty streets--to the terrifying truth behind that bullet-riddled bed...

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