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Powerful signal generator for all printers with cash drawer port
Printer Signal Generator
Powerful signal generator for all cash desk printers with cash drawer port
Fully compatible with all cash desk printers and, of course, with the complete product range from Epson, Metapace and Bixolon
Very loud signal and bright visual indicator on raised shaft
Individual configuration
For games, alarms, or for the kitchen
The Blinky is an innovation that convinces with simplicity and effectiveness. A Blinky turns checkouts into a totally new instrument for sales promotions. Simply connect the device to every receipt printer and it activates an alarm signal on demand that cannot be ignored. It can be used for various applications.
Use it for raffles, kitchen alarms, games or signals for opening further checkouts and more: wherever it is used, the Blinky cannot be ignored. It can easily be connected to the cash register port of most receipt printers. Once the port is activated by software, the alarm is set off. Of course the signal can be adjusted individually from quiet to unignor­able. An additional signal lamp lights up red at the top of the shaft. Alarm volume and frequency can be easily adjusted using only two keys located on the device. Nevertheless, a detailed manual is provided as well as two connection cables.
This product is perfect for lottery-type promotions and offers new opportunities in retail and customer retention: particularly retails shops with high throughput, such as bakers, food shops, market stalls, news agents and jewellery retailers require only a low investment compared to the gained profit return. Consumers are magically attracted by the opportunity of extra bonuses when shopping. This helps to increase sales by gaining consumer attention, as participants must buy something in order to take part.
The compact device not only convinces with its performance, but also with its professional package contents. Various mounting options make this compact alarm extremely space-saving. Included are also two RJ11 cables of different lengths. Choose to place the buzzer next to the printer using the 30 cm cable, or mount it on a shelf or concealed under the desk using the 2 m cable. Using this option, customers can be suprised by interesting advertisements. It also offers the ability to monitor employees when they try to help themselves to the cash drawer.
Individual installation options are provided with one of the two supplied mounting plates. One option is used to mount the device directly on the receipt printer. The other allows effortless and elegant installation at the desk or cash register. Both are made of stainless steel and varnished black to guarantee long life, functional use and integrate well into demanding environments, such as kitchens or production.
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Powerful signal generator for all POS printers with a cash drawer port, individual configuration for kitchens, for games or for alarms, bright blinking LED on high pole, mounting plate for printer included.
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