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Prepare to embark on an adventure beyond imagination with the return of the best selling role-playing series of all time. In the 9th and final chapter in the 20-year legacy you return to Britannia for your last epic quest. As the heroic Avatar, only you can save Lord British and his people from the evil Guardian who has devastated the landscape and tainted the 8 sacred virtues.

Valiant combat, magical prowess and knowledge of the 8 virtues are your weapons against evil in Ultima IX: Ascension, the most epic role-playing game ever created for the PC.

* Immerse yourself into the world of Britannia like never before. The stunning 3D graphics and exclusive 3D sound blur the lines between fantasy and reality.
* Live the epic saga through seamlessly integrated combat, adventure, and puzzle-solving.
* Interact with the over 200 intriguing characters that live in the world of Britannia. All with full speech recorded by professional actors and scripted by a professional screenwriter.
* Experience the richest fantasy environment ever created. With day and night cycles, weather effects, real-life physics and the ability to manipulate every item in the world, you'll forget it's only a game.
* Engage over 60 unique creatures and monsters using the most innovative combat system ever created.
* Conjure 45 incredible spells using circles of magic, alchemy, and rituals.
* Uphold the 8 sacred virtues (Honesty, Justice, Humility, Sacrifice, Valor, Compassion, Honor, and Spirituality) as you become a legend.
* Designed by the Ultima creator Richard Garriott - a.k.a. Lord British.

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Windows 95/98

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