PC Game *** TAXI RACER *** Braking is for losers!

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Originele PC CD-rom

You earn your living driving a taxi in the city. One day you wake up and you are fed-up with all the losers that stay in the middle lane and everybody else that gets in your way. You decide to take your car to the max, and see how much money you can really earn if you ignore all the rules and regulations, just put your foot down without thinking about your passengers.

Start your working day, trying to earn as much money as you can. Remember...rules are not for you, speed and money are the only thing that count! Choose from various missions such as the 90 second Countdown or a full days work.

Taxi Racer is the ideal way to get rid of your aggression towards all the losers on the road!

Minimale systeemeisen:
Windows 98

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