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You don't have to leave your home or office for this hunting trip! Test your hunting skills on your PC with Sport's Paradise. Included are six games for hunters and non-hunters alike - everyone will enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

* Duck Hunt II: Look down the barrel of your virtual shotgun and take out as many ducks as you can. Features real-life outdoor setting, multiple ducks on-screen, realistic hunting sounds, hunting dog and mouse controlled scrollable aiming.
* Pigeon Hunt: Pigeons everywhere! Take out your virtual 12 gauge shotgun or 9mm semi-automatic pistol for this pigeon fest. Pigeon Hunt features mouse controlled scrollable viewpoint aiming.
* Fly Fishing: Catch the big one with this fly fishing simulation game. Select your fly, line and hit the river. Fly Fishing features beautiful 256 colour graphics, animation and realistic fishing, river and nature sounds. In addition, you have a full 180 degrees scrollable view of the fishing spots.
* Prairie Dog Hunt Pro: You have to be quick to nail these prairie dogs! The prairie dogs in this game are fully animated and you have the ability to adjust the speed and quality of the dogs. The gun features include a zoom able gun scope and adjustable ammunition clip size.
* Pheasant Hunt Pheasant: Hunt is your favourite kind of "field trip"! This pheasant hunt includes a digitized photo background, multiple pheasants on-screen and a hunting dog to pick up the birds. All seen from behind the barrel of a virtual shotgun.
* Trap Shooting Pro: The most accurate rendition of Trap Shooting for the PC! Trap Shooting gives you 180 degree movement, 20 frames per second graphic performance, full head motion aiming, one or two bird play, adjustable mouse tracking and adjustable clay pigeon colours.

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Windows 95/98

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