PC Game *** SPLAT! THE CAT *** Have Fun with 3D Pets

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Originele PC CD-rom

Splat will live for up to 60 days (60 pet years) if well looked after, but will never really die. At the end of it's life Splat will mutate back into an egg, ready for re-hatching so you can start all over again.

Splat lives in an amazing environment with loads of things to do. You will have fun helping your pet to explore it's new world. And I bet it takes you ages to beat him at "4 in a row"!!!

Splat needs about 10 minutes of care each day but will be happier if you can give him more. If you go away on holiday remember to switch on the babysitter so that your pet is well looked after until you return.

Have fun...!!!

Minimale Systeemeisen:
Windows 95/98

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