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Originele PC CD-rom

Reckless driving was never so much fun!

* Fed up with London's endless traffic jams? The London Racer callenge you to the most spectacular, heartstopping race ever. Forget everything you have learnt at driving school and prepare for the ride of your life!
* As you speed through the centre of London, Oxford and on the M25 you'll be outrunning the police, crashing into roadworks, smashing traffic camera's and breaking all the rules!
* Have you ever dreamt of blasting through rush hour traffic at 180 mph or running other traffic off the road? Well now you can! But be carefull! As in real life the police are lurking everywhere, ready to catch you if they can.
* 8 super realistic tracks take you past many famous landmarks and wellknown English scenery. Race over the London Tower Bridge, fly past Buckingham Palace, cruise over Trafalgar Square and speed through Stonehenge!
* 6 opponents continously challenge you in high-speed chases to the finish of each track. Winning earns you better cars (10 popular models to choose from!) and upgrades, increasing your chances in the next race.

London Racer is the ultimate British racing game!

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Windows 95/98

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