Juke Box Saturday Night - 4 LPbox

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Juke Box Records (4) ‎– 95141, Juke Box Records (4) ‎– JBD 95141,

box = EX

4 LP's = MINT.

  • A1 –Olympics* Hully Gully
    A2 –Time-Tones* My Love
    A3 –Decoys* It's Going To Be All Right
    A4 –Shells* On My Honor
    A5 –House Rockers* Sexy Saxes
    A6 –Tony Orlando You (Only You)
    A7 –Chimes* Once In A While
    B1 –Thomas Wayne Tragedy
    B2 –Visions* A Teenagers' Life
    B3 –Youngsters* Can I Come Over
    B4 –Wailers* Mexicali Rock
    B5 –Harptones* Since I Fell For You
    B6 –Collegians* Let's Go For A Ride
    B7 –Bellnotes* Sincerely (My Baby)
    B8 –Marathons* Peanut Butter
    C1 –Bill Justis Raunchy
    C2 –Dubs* I Only Have Eyes For You
    C3 –Camelots* Don't Leave Me Baby
    C4 –Sintells Say It Isn't So
    C5 –Rebels (7) Crazy Weekends
    C6 –Fascinations* Midnight
    C7 –Paradons* Diamonds And Pearls
    D1 –Cannibal & Headhunters* Land Of 1,000 Dances
    D2 –Youngtones* It's Over Now
    D3 –Vic Donna Rock N' Roll Kings
    D4 –Satins Once In A Lifetime
    D5 –Royals* Fairy Tale Rock
    D6 –Bellnotes* I Pray
    D7 –Summits* Go Back Where You Came From
    D8 –Jimmy Clanton Just A Dream
    E1 –Bluejays* A Lovers Island
    E2 –Shells* So Fine
    E3 –Elegants* A Dream Come True
    E4 –Martian Mad-Caps A Flying Saucer
    E5 –Dubs* Where Do We Go From Here
    E6 –Sinceres* I Believe (I Do)
    E7 –Classics* Till Then
    F1 –Huey Smith And Clowns* Rockin' Pnumonia And Boogie-Woogie Flu
    F2 –Counts* Sound Of Heartbreak
    F3 –Youngsters* Never Leave You
    F4 –Darvels Gone
    F5 –Veltones Now
    F6 –Admirations* Gonna Find My Baby
    F7 –Perfections Hey Girl
    F8 –Olympics* Shimmy Like Kate
    G1 –Olympics* Big Boy Pete
    G2 –Capris* The Letter
    G3 –Wailers* Jumpin' Crickets
    G4 –Nutmegs* Story Untold
    G5 –Capris* Twinkle-Twinkle (Little Star)
    G6 –Students* My Heart Is An Open Door
    G7 –Shells* And Rituals (3) Juke Boy Saturday Night
    H1 –Roy Orbison Ooby-Dooby
    H2 –Visions* Little Moon
    H3 –Perfections My Baby
    H4 –Zirkons* Silver Bells
    H5 –Martian Mad-Caps A Flying Saucer (Part Two)
    H6 –Time-Tones* Here In My Heart
    H7 –Chessmen* Love Makes The World Go Around
    H8 –Olympics* The Slop

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