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Clever tool for inventory and sales support
Honeywell Captuvo SL22
Functional protective cover for the Apple iPod Touch
Integrated 2D imager for barcode scanning
Magnetic stripe card and credit card reader optional
Turns the iPod into a cost-saving mobile terminal
For pricing, stock management and inventory
To use the iPod Touch as a practical mobile terminal - this is a reality with the Honeywell Captuvo SL22. Salesmen use the Captuvo SL22 together with the Apple iPod Touch to improve personal customer relations. With its integrated 2D imager you can find out and compare prices within seconds, or search for similar products. With the corresponding application from the Apple App Store you turn the Captuvo SL22 into an affordable jack-of-all-trades for inventory, and you can easily manage stock on hand.
In the App Store there are more than 650,000 applications available which powerfully support this handy tool. Several programmed apps make the Captuvo SL22 even more efficient. Operation via its touch display is easy, as you are accustomed to, plus the scanner and optional card reader are just as easy to operate. With one simple hand movement you secure the iPod within, so that it cannot fall out. Its stable housing protects the technology even during drops.
Captuvo ™ SL22h Enterprise Sled for Apple ® iPod ™ Touch
Honeywell’s Captuvo SL22h is a hospital-ready Apple® iPod touch® scanner attachment perfect for medicine administration, admissions and other healthcare data collection needs. For healthcare organizations committed to being progressive providers, deploying the Captuvo scanner sled attachment represents a true sign of leadership. The Captuvo SL22h series enterprise sled scanning attachment for the iPod touch® provides healthcare professionals with an easy-to-use tool to help them be more productive and demonstrate to patients and their families the rigor applied to improve patient safety.
Captuvo SL22 Series
Enterprise Sled for Apple® iPod touch®
For retailers looking to improve the customer experience, Honeywell’s Captuvo
SL22 series enterprise sled for the Apple® iPod touch® mobile digital device
empowers sales associates by providing them with the tools needed to engage more closely with customers and increase sales floor conversions.
The sleek, compact and stylish Captuvo SL22 transforms the popular and
familiar Apple® iPod touch® into an enterprise-ready device that provides
sales associates with instant access to product information and enables
customer checkout, anywhere in the store.
From a leader in bar code scanning technology, the Captuvo SL22 features
an integrated scanner paired with Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0.
Delivering fast and accurate reading of linear, 2D and even poor quality
bar codes, the Captuvo SL22 enables various applications, including price and product look-up, inventory management and scanning items for purchase at the point-of-decision. Additionally, an encryption-ready three-track magnetic stripe reader can be integrated, facilitating quick and easy processing of credit card transactions.
Compatibility with the iPod touch® provides retailers with access to over
650,000 apps on the Apple® App Store, allowing sales associates to be
armed with all of the information that customers have and more. When
equipped with Honeywell's Remote MasterMind™ 3.0 software, retailers
can remotely manage deployed iPod touch® devices and other iOS devices,
leading to a lower total cost of ownership.
In addition to providing added durability, Honeywell’s unwavering
commitment to quality assurance and control, and its world-class supply chain deliver peace of mind that is unobtainable from smaller manufacturers, inspiring confidence in an investment in the Captuvo SL22.
With customers demanding faster and better service and the increasing
importance of differentiation for retailers, Honeywell’s Captuvo SL22 series is the right solution to help retailers elevate their brand, empower employees, enhance the customer experience, and drive top-line growth and customer loyalty.
• Protective Housing: Provides added durability to the iPod touch®, resulting in a solution that is expected to lower the failure rate of customers using competitors' sleds by as much as 80%
• Fast and Easy Scanning: Increases productivity and throughput with an integrated and easy-to-use imager that provides aggressive scanning of linear and 2D bar codes
• Optional Security Mechanism: Secures the Apple® iPod touch® in the sled via a unique screw, improving overall durability while reducing the likelihood of theft of the iPod touch®
• Optional Encryption-Ready Magnetic Stripe Reader:
With third-party key injection, encrypts cardholder data as the card is swiped, protecting this sensitive data and retailers' reputations, while reducing PCI scope
• EasyDL™: Reduces transaction time by 95% by automatically parsing bar code data found on government-issued identification cards for age
verification or automatic electronic form population for loyalty, membership or credit applications
Captuvo SL22 Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 130 mm x 67 mm x 30 mm (5.1˝ x 2.6˝ x 1.2˝)
Weight 125 g (4.4 oz)
System Architecture
Device Compatibility Apple® iPod touch® (fourth generation)
Input Voltage 5V
UART between SL22 & iPod touch®; USB between iPod touch® & PC
I/O Ports microUSB
Power Supply 5V, 1A wall adapter
Left and right side scan buttons; sleep/wake button (extension of iPod touch® button); access to iPod touch® Home button
Access to iPod touch® 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack, speaker and microphone
Camera Access to iPod touch® front and back cameras
N5600 Standard range (SR) imager with green LED aimer that comes equipped with Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology
Decode Capabilities:
Reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D, Postal and OCR symbologies
Magnetic Stripe Reader:
Integrated 3-track bidirectional MSR reader (supports encrypted and unencrypted data output)
Swipe Speed 3 to 75 inches per second
Encryption Supported DES, TDES, AES
Key Management Supported DUKPT
Battery Removable 1150mAh lithium ion battery
Number of Scans Up to 28,000 scans (1 scan per second over 8 hours)
Number of Swipes Up to 28,000 swipes (1 swipe per second over 8 hours)
Expected Hours of Operation 8 hours (Captuvo SL22 + Apple® iPod touch®)
Expected Charge Time 4 Hours
Development Environment Captuvo SDK for Apple® iOS X
Application Software:
Available on the Apple® App Store or via 3rd party application developers (visit for more information)
Warranty 1 year factory warranty
Standard USB A to microUSB cable (included), USB wall adapter for US, EU & UK (included), holster, protective rubber boot, wrist lanyard
Operating Temperature 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 45°C (4°F to 113°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Designed to withstand 1.2 m (4´) drops to concrete, all axis and across temperature range
Environmental Sealing IP30
ESD ±6 KV Direct & ±15 KV Air
Alle modellen:
-Honeywell Captuvo SL22, 2D, HD, kit (USB), UK, silver/black
(hwsl22hd - SL22-003102-h)
portable data collection device, 2D, imager, high density, protection class: IP30, incl.: cable (USB), power supply unit (EU, UK, US), battery, colour: silver/black
-Honeywell Captuvo SL22, 2D, SR, kit (USB), UK, silver/black
(hwsl22sr - SL22-002101)
portable data collection device, 2D, imager, standard range, protection class: IP30, incl.: cable (USB), power supply unit (EU, UK, US), battery, colour: silver/black
Garantie: 12 maanden
Uit te breiden met:
- Garantieverlenging: + 9%
- PE Service: +8%
Beschikbaar toebehoren:
-Honeywell protective rubber boot (hwsl22boot - SL-BOOT-1)
Protective rubber boot, for Captuvo SL22-00
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