Golden Earrings – The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music …

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Golden Earrings – The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music A&B Sides And More (2 CD) Nieuw/Gesealed


CD 1
1. Please Go
2. Chunk Of Steel
3. That Day
4. The Words I Need
5. Lonely Everyday
6. If You Leave Me
7. Wating For You
8. Daddy Buy Me A Girl
9. What You Gonna Tell
10. Don't Run Too Far
11. Wings
12. Things Go Better
13. Rum And Coca-Cola
14. In My House
15. Smoking Cigarettes
16. Sound Of The Screaming Day
17. She Won't Come To Me
18. Together We Live, Together We Love
19. I Wonder Preview Together We Live And Love
20. I've Just Lost Somebody
21. The Truth About Arthur
22. Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong
23. Wake Up - Breakfast

CD 2
1. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
2. Remember My Friend
3. Where Will I Be
4. It's Alright But I Admit It Could Be Better
5. Holy Witness
6. No Need To Worry
7. Lionel The Miser
8. Gipsy Rhapsody
9. Crystal Heaven
10. Magnificient Magistral
11. Must I Cry?
12. Songs On A Devil's Servant
13. Murdock 9-6182
14. I'm A Runnin'
15. God Bless The Day
16. Goodbye Mama
17. Angelina
18. Backbiting Baby
19. The Grand Piano

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