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Elo 1915L, 48.3 cm (19''), APR, dark grey (elo1915apr - E437227)
touch monitor, screen size: 48.3 cm (19''), touch technology: APR, resolution: 1280x1024 pixels, VESA mount, 5ms, brightness: 270cd, viewing angle: 160/160°(H/V), contrast: 800:1, USB, VGA, power cable (EU), colour: dark grey
1915L 19" LCD Desktop Touchmonitor
Cost-effective LCD touchmonitor for systems integrators and OEMs
The Elo 1915L desktop LCD touchmonitor delivers costeffective solutions for systems integrators, resellers, and OEMs, and complements the Elo TouchSystems expanding family of touch solutions for applications in the retail and hospitality markets. This compact touchmonitor is “designed for touch” from the ground up, with Elo expertise and reliability built in—not added by altering an existing monitor. The 1915L desktop LCD touchmonitor is available with a choice of Elo's AccuTouch five-wire resistive, Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) or IntelliTouch surface wave touch technologies, plus a dual serial/USB touch interface.
The monitor is factory sealed against dust, dirt, and liquid splashes. The 1915L can be used in a wide variety of environments because it registers input from a finger, gloved hand or soft stylus with a fast and accurate response. Worldwide approvals cover the entire monitor that is designed, built, serviced, and supported by Elo, a true single source supplier.
-Entry-level monitor with Elo quality
-"Designed for touch" features such as a stable tilt base
-Long-lasting product cycle
-Available with IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, AccuTouch five-wire resistive or Acoustic Pulse
Recognition (APR) technologies
-Sealed touchscreen
-Dual serial/USB interface
-Removable base and VESA mounting option
-Mounting holes on base bottom for tabletop security
-Controls on side, plus lockout function for public use
-Digital on-screen display (OSD)
-Worldwide agency approvals
-Point-of-sale (POS)
-Point of service
-Loyalty systems
-Countertop kiosk information systems (KIS)
-Internet access points
-Interactive advertising and display
-Guest check in and check out
Touchscreen series for various application areas
Elo entry-level LCDs
Touch monitors by the market leader and inventor of the touch screen
Integrated touch screen available in diverse sizes and touch technologies
Maximum resolution: 1280x1024 pixels
Viewable colours: 16.2 million
Elo touch screens and touch monitors are suitable for a vast variety of applications – perfect for POS or kiosks as well as for medical and industry equipment, and gaming machines. Your advantages with Elo touch solutions are reliability, accuracy, quick reaction time, and easy installation and operation.
Elo touchmonitors provide high performance and reliability for long-term use – custom-tailored to satisfy all needs. All monitors are robust and are Designed-for-Touch. Their features include a stable monitor stand, which is equipped with a steel plate with mounting holes for desktop security. After removing the stand, a VESA mount further expands your options.
The menu controls are located on the side of the monitor and can be blocked so users cannot access them. Consequently, abuse in publicly accessible areas is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, all monitors from Elo are sealed against dust and liquids, which makes application and maintenance in unclean environments easier.
Elo high-quality displays are available in sizes from 30.5 cm (12'') up to 48.3 cm (19'') and come with resolutions from 800x600 to 1280x1024 pixels, depending on their size. Fast response times, contrast ratios up to 800:1 and a brightness of 300 cd/m² create a perfect picture for cash register systems in retail and hospitality.
Elo touchmonitors help you prepare for the future – flexible and professional solutions for every environment and application. For retail, hospitality, production, even heavy industry – Elo products are compatible, robust, and offer solutions for virtually every market.
The 1915L touchmonitor is designed, developed and built to provide the most cost-effective touch solutions for system integrators and VARs. It packs Elo quality and reliability into an integrated, affordable touchmonitor.
-Elo 1915L, 48.3 cm (19''), APR, dark grey (elo1915apr - E437227)
touch monitor, screen size: 48.3 cm (19''), touch technology: APR, resolution: 1280x1024 pixels, VESA mount, 5ms, brightness: 270cd, viewing angle: 160/160°(H/V), contrast: 800:1, USB, VGA, power cable (EU), colour: dark grey
Garantie: 36 maanden
Uit te breiden met:
- PE Service: +8%
- FullCover: +18%
Beschikbaar toebehoren:
touchscherm calibratie pen (touchpen)
Pen ten behoeve van het calibreren van het touchscherm
Elo Touch Pen (elotpen - D82064-000)
Stylus for IntelliTouch/iTouch
Elo MSR, dark-grey (elo1515mags - E177037)
3-track MSR for Elo 1515L, colour: dark-grey
Elo Magnetic stripe reader (elo1715mags - E963462)
Magnetic stripe reader for Elo 1715L, dark grey
Power supply (eloextnt3 - E137360)
External power brick for 1229L, 1522L, 1529L & ESY1525L, colour: black
Elo power brick (eloextnt5 - E785134)
External power brick for Elo 1215L, 1715L, 1725L, 1747L, 1746L, 1739L, 1749L, 1915L
Elo voeding 12V 3.33A (elont12v - E360741)
Elo voeding 12V 3.33A, tbv 1215L, 1224L, 1247L, 1515L, 1537L
Elo Power cord, black (elontmm - E076657)
Elo power cord, three-pole, colour: black
Elo power cord, UK, schwarz (elontmmuk - E540272)
Elo power cord, 3-pin, UK-plug, colour: black
Elo Touch Pen (elotpenat - 442187-000)
Stylus for AccuTouch
Elo warranty extension, 1 year (elowar2 - D14192-000)
1 year extended warranty for all ELO 12-inch to 22-inch LCD Touchmonitor
Elo warranty extension, 2 years (elowar4 - E81046-000)
2 years extended warranty for all ELO 12-inch to 22-inch LCD Touchmonitor
Elo Touch Pen (elotpen2 - E963860)
Stylus für APR
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