DICKENS OF LONDON - Wolf Mankowitz

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Wolf Mankowitz

The life of Charles Dickens, whose works have held generations of readers spellbound throughout the western world, is brilliantly evoked in this critical biography by Wolf Mankowitz, prolific novelist, playwright, scriptwriter, and film director.
The creative genius who gave us Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations - to name only a few of his works - is vividly described in all his humanity by Mr. Mankowitz. With his prodigious gifts and boundless energy, Dickens has earned a reputation not only as a novelist depicting the life of his times, but as an actor, entertainer, promoter, showman, journalist and an untiring reformer. Dickens was the first great writer to confront the social problems of his times and he did this effectively by relating the action and characters in his novels to the deeper concerns which he felt.
Thus when he was offered a seat in the Commons, as he was several times, he refused it-his books would be more powerful instruments of reform, read, as they were, by people on all levels of society. Having struggled against extreme poverty and misery in his childhood, he rose by talent and persistence to become an immensely popular figure whose books are still widely translated and read.
Twelve pages of color and 100 black and-white illustrations illuminate this lively biography. Mr. Mankowitz helps to explain the complexities and contradictions of Dickens' character and shows that behind the moods and messages in his works were concern, strife, impatience, energy, compassion and determination. These qualities are not only in the writings of the man, they are the substance of the man himself.

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