Damien Lewis.......Bloody heroes

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In late 2001, British SBS (Special Boat Service) and American CIA personnel found themselves pitted into a fight to the death against a deadly al-Qaeda army. It was the most bloodthirtsy and ultimately heroic battle since Goose Green...
Called into Afghanistan to assistin the war against the Taliban, the lads of the SBS, the secretive sister organization of the SAS, were launched into an inhospitable environment, a wild west country populated by nomadic tribes and scattered bands of al-Qaeda fighters (AQT).
Events take a dramatic turn for the worse, however, when 600 AQT, imprisoned in a mud-walled fort called Qala-I-Janghi, overthrow the guards and break into the munitions store. Faced with a violent uprising, the SBS and CIA units launch a ferocious, eight-day-long siege on the fort, culminating in a shocking, blood-soaked finale...
Action-packed, ferocious and thrilling, BLOODY HEROES is the story of ultimate betrayal, ultimate firepower, and ultimate revenge. The ultimate special forces heroics of our time.

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