Bill Neidje - Story About Feeling (Engelstalig)

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Bill Neidje -  Story About Feeling  (Engelstalig)


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Bill Neidjie (deceased) was born at Alawanydajawany, along the Alligator River, sometime between 1911 and 1913. He spent most of his childhood in his father's country, Bunitj Clan land and attended school at Oenpelli Mission. When his father died, Bill followed his mother to Coopers Creek where they camped and lived on bush tucker. Bill had a variety of jobs around Australia, which usually paid no money but provided tea, sugar, meat, flour and tobacco. He worked at timber–mill camps, hunting turtle, providing firewood, loading and unloading luggers along the north coast, returning to Bunitj Clan land in 1979. Keith Taylor assisted Bill in ensuring that his knowledge and love of the country would not be lost.

From a master storyteller, this book links personal discovery to a sense of nature. It restores us to a wisdom that is at once powerful and fresh. Includes reproductions of bark paintings and artworks. ‘Because you love it this world.'

Bill Neidjie – Aboriginal Australian –
“Don’t go round and put your head down.
Listen carefully, careful and this spirit e come in your feeling
and you will feel it … anyone that. I feel it … my body same as you.
I telling you this because the land for us never change round.
Places for us, earth for us, star, moon, tree, animal,
no-matter what sort of a animal, bird or snake …
all that animal same like us. Our friend that.
Australian Aboriginal Bill Neidjie’s Story About Feeling links personal discovery to a sense of nature and restores us to an earlier wisdom that is at once powerful and ever-fresh. A book for the cities and the cities of the mind, a universal cry and celebration.
Because you love it his world.”

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