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AUNE X7SHeadphone Class A amplifier Variable Out Balanced Out Silver

The pure class A Aune X7S balanced output headphone amplifier is the result of a long research after the nomadic headphone amplifier Aune B1 and the Aune Panda.

It is the natural companion of the DAC Aune X1S32bit 384Khz DSD SABRE ES9018K2M.

This headphone amp, completely in class A, is the synthesis of all the know-how of Aune Audio. It is specially designed for high-end high-impact audiophile headphones such as: Sennheiser HD650, IE800, HD800, Beyerdynamic (Tesla) T1, DT880, AKG K701, K240.

Its gain-setting gain setting by "switch" allows a perfect adaptation of impregnation for both low and high impregnation headphones.

Its structure is made up of 8 class A polarized transistors divided into 4 groups designed with a true symmetrical layout for cross talk and inaudible, backward background noise.

The European sound of the Aune X7S developed by an English team has body, a deep sound image with increased natural musical tracking, a true sound signature of headphone amplifiers in class A.

The separate 15 V separate low noise regulated power supply provides the stability necessary for the Aune X7S to operate properly in class A.

By its unique design the Aune X7S will be an ideal companion for the digital player made of materialized Aune X5.

Hifistudio79 voor de bste en betaalbare hifi!


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