Art D'Ecco

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The Louche and Insalubrious Escapades of Art Decco by Andrew and Roger Langridge.
paperback, nieuw, 160 pages.

In the late 1980s, long before his work on the Eisner and Harvey-nominated Fred the Clown, Roger Langridge worked with his brother Andrew on a comic called Art d'Ecco. At the core of Art d'Ecco is the dysfunctional relationship between Art and his idiot sidekick (and embryonic Fred the Clown prototype), the Gump. The stories casually use issues such as censorship, religious fundamentalism and even Marxist theories of capitalism as a skeleton around which to build a relentless series of verbal and visual gags, laced liberally with postmodernist winks and nudges. Also in this volume is a selection of newly produced material, marking Andrew Langridge's first new comics work in over a decade, and some rarely-seen early stories never before published in the USA.