Ajahn Brahm: Opening the door of your heart

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Ajahn Brahm: Opening the door of your heart


and other Buddhist tales of HAPPINESS


In nearly thirty years as a Buddhist monk, born and educated in the West but trained in Thai forest tradition, Ajahn Brahm has gathered many poignant, funny and profound stories from the Buddhist philosophy. He has taught this philosophy to Westerners from all walks of life, led meditation groups in Australian prisons, and counselled the distressed, the sick and the bereaved. The stories that emerge, like the experiences they reflect, are thoughtful, funny and enlightening. Told with wit and wisdom, these tales reveal moments of compassion in the lives of ordinary people, expressing their need to make life meaningful. The traditional Buddhist teachings are at the heart of Ajahn Brahm's tales, but his stories often appear to be parables or follow the punch line of irreverent and clever jokes used to launch into a deeper exposition of subjects such as mindfulness, wisdom and unconditional love. These are modern tales of hope, love, pain and forgiveness and in each story the raw edge of truth is evident. 


Uitg. Lothian Books, paperback. Nagenoeg in nieuwstaat.







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